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Wild Bird Camp

For the serious bird hunter, Hedgehog Hill Shorthairs Inc. offers a summer Wild Bird Camp for your pointing dog.

RitterAt Wild Bird Camp, dogs are run multiple times per week in the Vermont woods, gaining priceless wild grouse and woodcock experience for the serious bird hunter.   Starting in mid June, dogs are run through the end of August with a single focus on wild bird contacts. 

Wild Bird Camp can help your dog get a successful start to the bird hunting season and build a solid hunting partner, one that helps you bring home the birds year after year.   

While being run in the woods several times a week, your dog gains invaluable wild bird experience all while being conditioned for the upcoming hunting season.  Your dog can expect as many as seventy five bird contacts per week to help him mature as a grouse and woodcock expert.

We accept only a limited number of dogs per season, to assure that each dog is worked multiple times per week to gain a wealth of experience in a variety of covers.  Priority is reserved for any puppy produced by Hedgehog Hill Shorthairs. Reserve your space at Wild Bird Camp now!


Bob & Baby Jammer

Bob and Jammer (6 months old) in 2006

Kobe setter
Kona & Dixie
Birds Taken

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